View all "Agate" "Agate"Pear "Amber" "Bubble" "Corn" "Crepe" "Frost" "Gummi" "Ivorine" "Leopard"Acrylic "Pineapple" "Shell" "Stone" "Stone"Rosebud #1 #10 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #18 #2 #20 #21 #22 #24 #26 #28 #30 #34 #9 -Silver .020 .025 .032 .036 1 1" 1"6Pc 1-Hole 1.25" 1.5 1.5" 1.5"2Pc 1.5"6Pc 10 10" 100 100M 100Meter 100X.50MM 100X.75MM 100Yd 10MM 10MM AB Button Crystal Flower Gold 10MM AB Button Crystal Flower Silver 10MM AB Crystal Rhodium 10MM Ab Ball Brass Crystal Rhinestone 10MM Ab Ball Crystal Gold Rhinestone 10MM Ab Button Crystal Gold Pinwheel 10MM Ab Button Crystal Pinwheel Rhodium 10MM Ab Circle Crystal Rhodium 10MM Ab Circle Crystal Silver 10MM Ball Crystal Rhinestone Silver 10MM Brass Button Crystal Flower 10MM Brass Button Crystal Pinwheel 10MM Button Crystal Flower Gold 10MM Button Crystal Flower Silver 10MM Button Crystal Gold Pinwheel 10MM Crystal Silver 10X12MM 10X14MM 10X16MM 10X17MM 10X18MM 10X4MM 10X5MM 10X6MM 10X7MM 10X8MM 10X9MM 11MM 11X1.8MM 11X10MM 11X12MM 11X14 11X14MM 11X17MM 11X2.5MM 11X3.5MM 11X4MM 11X5MM 11X6.5MM 11X6MM 11X7MM 11X8MM 11X9MM 12 12" 12.3MM Channel Circle Crystal Gold 125X.65MM 12MM 12MM Ab Ball Brass Crystal Rhinestone 12MM Ab Ball Crystal Gold Rhinestone 12MM Ab Ball Crystal Rhinestone Silver 12MM Ab Brass Cross Crystal Drop 12MM Ab Cross Crystal Drop Gold 12MM Ball Brass Crystal Rhinestone 12MM Ball Crystal Gold Rhinestone 12MM Ball Crystal Rhinestone Silver 12Pc 12X10 12X10MM 12X11MM 12X14MM 12X16MM 12X22MM 12X2MM 12X30MM 12X36MM 12X5MM 12X6MM 12X7MM 12X8MM 12X9MM 13.5X3MM 13MM 13MM Ab Brass Crystal Drop Heart 13MM Ab Button Cluster Crystal Gold 13MM Ab Button Cluster Crystal Rhodium 13MM Ab Crystal Drop Gold Heart 13MM Ab Crystal Drop Heart Rhodium 13MM Brass Crystal Drop Heart 13MM Button Cluster Crystal Gold 13MM Crystal Drop Gold Heart 13MM Crystal Drop Heart Rhodium 13X10MM 13X12MM 13X2.6MM 13X22MM 13X26MM 13X5MM 13X6.5MM 13X6MM 13X6MM AB Crystal Gold 13X6MM Crystal Gold 13X6MM Crystal Silver 13X7MM 13X8MM 13X9MM 14" 14.5X1.8MM 144Pc 14K 14MM 14X1.5MM 14X10 14X10MM 14X11MM 14X11X6MM 14X12MM 14X12X7MM 14X17MM 14X20MM 14X24MM 14X26MM 14X3MM 14X45MM 14X5.5MM 14X5MM 14X6MM 14X7MM 14X8.5MM 14X8MM 14X9MM 15" 15.5MM Ab Channel Circle Crystal Rhodium 150Yd 15MM 15MM Ab Brass Cross Crystal Drop 15MM Ab Cross Crystal Drop Gold 15MM Ab Cross Crystal Drop Rhodium 15MM Button Crystal Rhodium 15Pcs 15X10MM 15X11MM 15X12MM 15X13MM 15X18MM 15X2.3MM 15X21MM 15X33MM 15X3MM 15X4 15X4MM 15X5MM 15X6MM 15X7MM 15X9MM 16" 16.2MM Button Channel Crystal Gold 16.2MM Button Channel Crystal Silver 16MM 16MM AB Brass Crystal 16MM AB Crystal Gold 16MM AB Crystal Rhodium 16MM Button Crystal Flower Silver 16MM Crystal Gold 16X10MM 16X11MM 16X12MM 16X13MM 16X14MM 16X15MM 16X20MM 16X21MM 16X22MM 16X30MM 16X7MM 16X8MM 16X9MM 17 17MM 17X10MM 17X12MM 17X13MM 17X14MM 17X15MM 17X18MM 17X19MM 17X21MM 17X6MM 17X7MM 17X8.5MM 17X9MM 18" 18.3MM Beehive Button Crystal Gold 18.3MM Beehive Button Crystal Silver 18.5X13.5MM 18MM 18MM Ab Brass Crystal Drop Heart 18MM Ab Brass Crystal Rondel Slant 18MM Ab Crystal Drop Gold Heart 18MM Ab Crystal Drop Heart Rhodium 18MM Ab Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 18MM Ab Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 18MM Brass Crystal Drop Heart 18MM Brass Crystal Rondel Slant 18MM Crystal Drop Gold Heart 18MM Crystal Drop Heart Rhodium 18MM Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 18X10MM 18X11MM 18X12MM 18X13MM 18X14MM 18X15MM 18X16MM 18X20MM 18X24MM 18X30MM 18X4.5MM 18X5MM 18X6MM 18X7.5MM 18X7MM 18X8 18X8MM 18X9MM 19.5MM Ab Brass Button Crystal Navette 19.5MM Ab Button Crystal Gold Navette 19.5MM Button Crystal Gold Navette 19.5MM Button Crystal Loop Navette Rhodium 19.5MM Button Crystal Navette Silver 19MM 19X11MM 19X12MM 19X13MM 19X15MM 19X16MM 19X20MM 19X6.8MM 19X6MM 19X7MM 19X7MM AB Crystal Gold 19X7MM AB Crystal Rhodium 19X7MM Crystal Gold 19X7MM Crystal Silver 1MM 1Pc 1X1MM 2 2" 2"X3" 2-1 2-Hole 2-Row 2.0 2.5" 2.5MM 2.8MM 20 20" 200 20MM 20MM Ab Brass Cross Crystal Drop 20MM Ab Brass Crystal Rondel Slant 20MM Ab Cross Crystal Drop Gold 20MM Ab Cross Crystal Drop Rhodium 20MM Ab Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 20MM Brass Cross Crystal Drop 20MM Cross Crystal Drop Gold 20MM Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 20X1.5MM 20X10MM 20X11MM 20X12MM 20X13MM 20X14MM 20X15MM 20X16MM 20X17MM 20X32MM 20X4MM 20X5MM 20X6MM 20X8MM 20X9MM 215Yd 21MM 21X11MM 21X16MM 21X17MM 21X6MM 21X7MM 22.5X2MM 22MM 22X11MM 22X12MM 22X13MM 22X14MM 22X15MM 22X16MM 22X18MM 22X22MM 22X6MM 22X7MM 22X9MM 23.4MM 23MM 23X10 23X18MM 23X21MM 23X6MM 23X7MM 24MM 24Pc 24X10MM 24X12MM 24X13MM 24X14MM 24X15MM 24X16MM 24X17MM 24X19MM 24X20MM 24X8MM 25 25M 25MM 25MM Ab Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 25MM Ab Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 25MM Brass Crystal Rondel Slant 25MM Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 25MM Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 25X12MM 25X17MM 25X18MM 25X20MM 25X63MM 25X6MM 25X9MM 26MM 26X11MM 26X12MM 26X14MM 26X16MM 26X18MM 26X21MM 26X38MM 26X6.5MM 26X8MM 27MM 27X20MM 27X22MM 28MM 28X10MM 28X11MM 28X16MM 28X18MM 28X19MM 28X20MM 28X21MM 28X25MM 28X8MM 29MM 29X22MM 29X23MM 29X28MM 2Hole 2MM 2X1MM 2X2MM 3 3" 3"X5" 3-8MM 3-Hole 3-Sided 3.5-4MM 3.5MM 3.8MM 30" 30MM 30X10MM 30X11MM 30X12MM 30X13MM 30X14MM 30X16MM 30X18MM 30X19MM 30X20MM 30X22MM 30X23MM 30X24MM 30X26MM 30X28MM 30X3.5MM 30X30MM 30X8MM 315Ft 31MM 31X11MM 31X12MM 31X17MM 31X19MM 32MM 32X18MM 32X19MM 32X25MM 32X26MM 32X8MM 33MM 33X20MM 33X27MM 33X34MM 34MM 34X15MM 34X17MM 34X22MM 34X27MM 34X38MM 34X39MM 35MM 35X17MM 35X26MM 36 36MM 36Pc 36X18MM 36X20MM 36X8MM 37X23MM 37X26MM 37X27MM 37X31MM 38MM 38X12MM 38X14MM 38X20MM 38X22MM 38X25MM 38X26MM 38X31MM 39MM 39X12MM 39X28MM 39X34MM 3MM 3X10MM 3X4.5MM 3X6MM 4 4" 4"X6" 4-Sided 4.5MM 4.8MM 40 40MM 40X15MM 40X22MM 40X23MM 40X25MM 40X30MM 40X55MM 40X9MM 41MM 42432 42MM 42X15MM 42X16MM 42X26MM 43MM 43X43MM 44MM 44X43MM 45MM 45X25MM 45X30MM 46X18MM 47MM 47X35MM 48MM 48X14MM 4MM 4Oz 4X12MM 4X13MM 4X5MM 4X6MM 4X8MM 5" 5"X8" 5-12MM 5.25MM 5.25X6.5MM 5.5MM 5.5X3MM 5.8MM 50 50MM 50X32MM 50X36MM 52MM 52X52MM 53MM 54MM 59X50MM 5MM 5MM AB Crystal Gold 5MM AB Crystal Rhodium 5MM Ab Ball Crystal Gold Rhinestone 5MM Ab Ball Crystal Rhinestone Rhodium 5MM Ab Ball Crystal Rhinestone Silver 5MM Ab Crystal Gold Rondel 5MM Ab Crystal Rhodium Rondel 5MM Black Brass Jet Rondel 5MM Black Diamond Rhodium Rondel 5MM Black Gold Jet Rondel 5MM Black Jet Rondel Silver 5MM Brass Crystal Rondel 5MM Crystal Flower Rhodium 5MM Gold Rondel Ruby 5MM Light Rhodium Rondel Rose 5MM Rhodium Rondel Siam 5MM Rondel Ruby Silver 5X2MM 5X5MM 5X7.5MM 5X7MM 6 6" 6"X9" 6-4 6.5MM 60" 60MM 60X17MM 63X15MM 66X20MM 67X43MM 6MM 6MM AB Crystal Gold 6MM AB Crystal Silver 6MM Blue Gold Rhinestone Zircon 6MM Crystal Gold 6MM Gold Rhinestone Rose 6Pc 6X10MM 6X12MM 6X13MM 6X16MM 6X25MM 6X3.5MM 6X3MM 6X4MM 6X6MM 6X7MM 6X8.5MM 6X8MM 6X9MM 7 7" 7-12MM 7.5MM 7.5X1.3MM 7.5X2.3MM 7.5X2MM 7.5Xmm 70X14MM 72Pc 74MM 7MM 7X10.5X1.5" 7X11MM 7X14MM 7X3.5MM 7X4.5MM 7X4MM 7X5MM 7X6MM 8" 8-10MM 8.5X5MM 8.8MM 8MM 8MM Ab Ball Crystal Gold Rhinestone 8MM Ab Ball Crystal Rhinestone Silver 8MM Ab Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 8MM Ab Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 8MM Channel Crystal Heart Rhodium 8MM Crystal Gold 8MM Crystal Gold Rondel Slant 8MM Crystal Rhodium Rondel Slant 8MM Crystal Silver 8X1.5MM 8X10MM 8X14MM 8X2.5MM 8X20MmTahiti 8X4MM 8X5MM 8X6MM 8X7MM 8X9MM 9" 9.5MM 925 9MM 9X11 9X11MM 9X21MM 9X3MM 9X4MM 9X6.5MM 9X6MM 9X7MM 9X8MM A.B. A.B.Faceted AB AB Brass Crystal Drop AB Brass Crystal Pp24 AB Brass Crystal Pp32 AB Brass Crystal Ss24 AB Brass Crystal Ss39 AB Brass Crystal Ss47 AB Chain Crystal Gold AB Chain Crystal Gold Round AB Chain Crystal Rhodium AB Chain Crystal Rhodium Round AB Crystal Drop Silver AB Crystal Gold Pp24 AB Crystal Gold Pp32 AB Crystal Gold Ss24 AB Crystal Gold Ss29 AB Crystal Gold Ss39 AB Crystal Gold Ss47 AB Crystal Pp24 Rhodium AB Crystal Pp32 Rhodium AB Crystal Rhodium Ss29 AB Crystal Rhodium Ss39 AB Crystal Rhodium Ss47 Ab Ab Chain Crystal Gold Rhinestone Ab Chain Crystal Heart Rhodium Ab Chain Crystal Rhinestone Rhodium Acrylic Alabaster Alexandrite Allover Amber AmberCollection Amethyst Amy Amythyst And Angel Angelskin Ant Ant. Ant.Gold Ant.Ham.Gold Ant.Ham.Gold"Corn" Ant.Hamilton Ant.Silver Antique Aqu Aqua Assorted Awl BIWA BLACK Back Bag Bags Ball Ball-End Balls Bar Bar. Bar.Ant.Ham.Gold Barbell Barber Baroque Barq. Barq.Bead Barq.Pear Barrel Bd. Bead Bead. Beadchain Beaded Beads Bear Beauty Beeswax Beige Beige-Blue Belly Bent Bezel Bicone Big Bits Biwa Black Black-Gold Black-White Block Blu Blue Blue-Green BlueSilver Bora-Bora Bottle Bow Box Bracelet Branch Brass Brass Chain Crystal Round Brass Chain Pearl Rhinestone White Brass Crystal Drop Brass Crystal Pp24 Brass Crystal Ss29 Brass Crystal Ss39 Brass Crystal Ss47 Bronze Brown BrownTrichromeDisc Buddha Burgundy Burl Button Cab Cab- Cabechon Cable Cabs Cadabra Camel CamelTweed CamelTweedSquare Cap Carbon Carnelian Caviness Celadon Ceramic Chain Chain Channel Crystal Rivoli Silver Chain Crystal Gold Chain Crystal Gold Rhinestone Chain Crystal Gold Round Chain Crystal Rhinestone Silver Chain Crystal Rhodium Chain Crystal Round Silver Chalk Champagne Chanel Chatons Checkerboard Cheetah Cherry Chevron Chinese Chip Circle Clam Clamshell Clasp Clear Clio Closer Cluster Coffee Coil Color Colored Combo Comma Compartments Conditioner Cone Connector Copper Coral Cord Corded Cotton Crack Crackel Crackle Crazed Crescent Crimp Crimper- Croc Cross Cry-Gold Crystal Crystal Drop Gold Crystal Gold Pp24 Crystal Gold Pp32 Crystal Gold Ss24 Crystal Gold Ss29 Crystal Gold Ss39 Crystal Gold Ss47 Crystal Pp24 Rhodium Crystal Pp32 Silver Crystal Rhodium Ss24 Crystal Rhodium Ss29 Crystal Rhodium Ss39 Crystal Rhodium Ss47 Crystal Silver Ss39 Crystal Silver Ss47 CrystalSilver Cube Cultra Cultura Curb Curry Cushion Cushion-Self Cut Cutter Dagger Daisy Dalmation Dappled Dark Decal Dgroup1 Dgroup2 Dgroup3 Dgroup4 Diagonal Diamond Dice Digital Disc Display Dogbone Dome Dot Dots Double Double-Dolphin Drizzle Drop Drops Drum Dumbbell Each Ear Earclip Earring Economy Elastic Elastomer Emerald End Ends Engraved Engraving Eye Eyeglass Eyeloop Eyepin F.P. Facet Faceted Fancy Figaro Filigree Filled Fine Fiori Firepolish Fish Flat Flatback Flattened Fleck Flecks Floral Flower FlowerAndLeaf Fluted Foam Foil Foil-Gold Foil-Silver Foiled Foldover For Four FreshFlowersandLeaves Frosted Fruit Ft Fuchsia Funnel-Shaped Garnet Gauge Gemstone German Gilt Givre Glass Glasspear Glasstwist Glaze Gold Goldstone Goldtone Graduated Grape Gray Green GreenLumina GreenSilver GreenTrichromeDisc Grey Grip Grn Gunmetal Halo Ham. Ham.Gold Hamilton Handle Handpolish Haze Headpin Heart Heavy Heavy-Economy Hematite Hexagon High Highdome Hole Holes Hollow Hook Hoop Horn Hot Houndstooth Hyacinth Ice Im. Imitation Inch Inches Inlay Interlock Iridize Iris Italy Ivory Jade Japan Jasper Java Jet Jonquil Jump Jumpring Khaki Kiska Knot Knotted Knotted Pearl L.H. L.H.Oval L.H.Pyramid L.H.Rondel Lace Lacquered Lacy Ladder Lame Lamp Lantern Lapis Large Lavender Lb Leaf Leather Legno Lens Lentil Lever Lge.Hole Lid Light Lilac Lilac"Agate" Lilac"Stone" LilacHalo Linen Link Linked Links Lobster Long Look Loop Loop24Pc Loops Loose Lowdome Lt Lt.Amethyst Lt.Amy Lt.Blu Lt.Blue Lt.Green Lt.Grey Lt.Pink Lt.Saph Lt.Sapph Lt.Sapphire Lt.Topaz Luggage Lumina Luster Lustre M.O.P. MM MOP Mabe Macaroni Macassar Mache Magenta Magnet Magnifying Maize Malachite Marbled Mat Mat-Gold Mat-Silver Matrix Mauve Measure Medium Memory Mesh Metal Metal Chain Metallic Meter Mil Mint Mop Mother Multi Multicolor Mushroom Mustard Natural Naturals Navette Navy Necklace Needle Neon Nickel No Nontarnish Nose Nugget Nuggets Nut Nylon Octagon Of Olive Olivewood Olivine One Opal Opaque Open Opener Orange Oval Over Owl Oz Oz. P Package Pad Painted Pantone2017ColoroftheYearGreenery Paper Papermache Parallel Parquet Part Pattern Patterned Pc Pc. Pc.Pk Pcs Pcs. Peach PeachLumina PeachSilver Peacock Pear Pearl Pearls Pearshape Pendant Per Perforated Perfume Peridot Persian Petal Pewter Pieces Pin Pink PinkSilver Pins Pk Plaid Plastic Plated Plexi Plier Plier- Plum Pnk Pointed Polka Polybag Polybags Pony Post Pp Pp18 Pp24 Premium Prl Prong Puff Puffed Purple Pyramid Python Quartz R1 R10 R12 R14 R16 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R8 Rattail Raw Rd. Reamer Rectangle Rectangular Red Resin Reversible Rhinestone Rhodium Ri Ribbed Ridged Rim Ring Rivoli Rondel Rondelle Rope Rose Rosebud Rosequartz Round Round&Oval Royal Rubber Ruby Ruffle Rust S-Shaped S29 Sale-Exempt Sand Sapphire Satin Satin Cord Saturn Scarabee Scilla Scroll Seahorse Seal Seated Self Self-Stick Semi-Flush Serrated Set Shape Shell Shepherd Shiny Short Shrimp Side-Drill Silk Silver Silvertone Single Sizes Sleeve Slice Slip-On Small Smoke Smooth Smooth- Snail Snake Soft Spacer Spacer6Pc Spatter Spiral Spl Split Spool Spool~ Spots Spotted Spring Square Square.Cab Squiggle Star Starfish Steel Stem Sterling Stick Stone Stones Stonewashed Str Strawberry Stretch Striate Striated String Stringing Stripe Striped Stripes Strung Strung Acrylic Colored Beads Studded Style Surgical Swirl Tahiti Tape Tassel Teal Teardrop Test The Thin Thread Tiger Tigereye Tigertail Tigris Tin Tinned Tip Titanium Toggle Tombo Tone Topaz Tortoise Tortuga Transparent Trapezoid Triangle Triangular Trichrome TrichromeDisc Triple Tube Tulip Turq Turq. Turq.Matrix Turquoise Tweed Twi Twine Twist Twisted Two-Tone U U.S.A. Vacuum Valentine Vitrail Voile Wafer Wave Wavy Waxed White White-Yellow WhiteLumina WhiteTrichromeDisc Wht Wine Wire Wired Wire~ Wood X Yd YelloBlack YelloBrown YelloOrange YelloRed YelloRust YelloWhite Yellow Yellow-Black YellowSilver YlBeg YlBrn YlWht Zigzag halloween ~1 ~10 ~116 ~125 ~15 ~200 ~300 ~500 ~63